Inhalation: Do I hold it?

“So, what’s the deal? I decided that smoking CBD pre-rolls was the route for me, but I don't really know what I’m doing. Do I hold it? For how long? Help!”

Before I got to this point, it took me quite a while to discover that the CBD pre-rolls are the product for me. I thought the gum was a good option, or even the CBD oil taken sublingually, but my research took me to cannahealth where I read that inhalation is the absolute fastest route of administration. I appreciated the level of detail they went to by explaining how our lungs act as a large surface area of absorption where the alveoli absorb and transfer them rather quickly into the bloodstream. This is my experience and is tailored to my own needs, so to be clear I think the CBD gum and oil are great products intended for different results, and maybe fit others’ lifestyles and needs better.

I am an intern at Asheville Hemp Project and decided to try our own CBD pre-rolls and was pleased with the results. Here’s a link to check out all of our products: Asheville Hemp Project. I had to know what made our pre-rolls so effective, so I went straight to the source: Leslie Hoffman, one of the partners of the Asheville Hemp Project. She explained to me our process, and it starts with selecting seeds that produce hemp with high CBD content, are adapted for our climate, and remain compliant as it relates to THC. The next very important part is the actual hemp flower cultivation. “The flower is where the chemistry is”, she explained to me, and further explained how the flower is grown on Leslie’s farm. The Asheville Hemp Project grows the flower using organic and regenerative agriculture practices. The care for the plants, and the land and local environment is paramount to our ability to sustainably farm a high-quality product. The company uses pure, premium flower without any adulteration or extracted additives, and keeps the process incredibly simple, clean, and pure. “We pick the flower, dry and cure it using our own barns on site, and then we grind it, and roll it up!” Leslie explained.

The final step is the rolling and packaging. We use a fine hemp paper and discard the idea of using a filter. I was skeptical at first, worried about harsh smoke and having a coughing fit, but I was pleasantly surprised with how tolerable the smoke actually was! Leslie explained to me how using a filter takes out roughly 30% of the cannabinoids from the smoke, making it so the consumer has far less benefits from the product, or has to smoke more. As someone who values getting the most bang-for-my-buck, I really appreciate knowing that I’m getting 100% of what I paid for. The biodegradable, food-grade crutch not only keeps the full benefits of the product, but also makes it so the entirety of the hemp in the cigarette can be smoked. No more dealing with hot fingers and lips from using pesky roaches here! The sticks are 100mg of CBD each, and the pre-rolls include 10 in a pack that is properly sealed. Good for both safety and freshness, this cute little box is an easy fit in my pocket for convenience.

The next question I had was what would be the best way to smoke CBD-cigarettes? 

Our friends at consumer reports further suggest that inhalation is the quickest way to get CBD into the bloodstream. Great! This is exactly why I do my research and why I wanted to experiment with CBD. But how much do I inhale, and how long do I hold it in for? 

Turns out, it's a total myth that holding smoke in for an extended amount of time increases the amount of CBD absorbed. It takes seconds for the cannabinoids to enter the system, so it’s unnecessary to hold it in any longer than desired.

I’m not much of a smoker so this came as wonderful news. I’ll be able to get all the benefits of the Asheville Hemp Project cigarettes with easy puffing and not cough out a lung by trying to hold it in! Rejoice - get yourself a pack to try, I think you’re likely to enjoy them, get the benefits of relaxation in a few puffs, and let us know what you think!